East Para Primary School began its learning journey as Para Hills East Primary School and was first established as two schools, a Junior Primary and a Primary School in 1971.

Ms Puckridge was the first Principal of the Junior Primary School and Mr R Wilkins of the Primary School.

During the late 1970’s the total number of students between the two schools was well in excess of one thousand. As housing development in the area increased, more schools were built to cater for increased school enrolments and the number of students at Para Hills East School began to decline.

In 1991, the Education Department moved towards amalgamating the two schools and this came into being on 23rd January, 1992. Since that time, our numbers have fluctuated to a present enrolment of 352 students.

In 2005 the school changed its name to East Para Primary School to continue its learning journey, establishing it as an individual identity to surrounding similarly named schools.

In 2021 Year 7 students transitioned to High School and the school became a Reception to Year 6 school.