About our school

Located in the North-East suburbs of Adelaide, our medium-sized primary school has excellent facilities and a strong parent and community focus.

We provide high-quality education and build supportive relationships to help students achieve their goals.

Our school offers:

  • Individual academic support from high-quality teaching staff.
  • A healthy lifestyle program through physical education and healthy eating initiatives.
  • Outstanding performing arts and language opportunities.
  • Excellent facilities, including a large oval, two playgrounds and gym hall.
  • A digital focus to our teaching with state-of-the-art resources.
  • An environmental and sustainability focus.

At our school, students can learn and grow in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Current enrolments

Our School currently has 268 enrolled students

Our Vision

Working with families to provide a challenging supportive environment that engages learners as a community of thinkers.

We believe everyone is a learner and that learning is a pathway through life. As a learning community, we are fostering self-worth through a passion for learning that promotes autonomy and interdependence.


  • occurs in a culture of inquiry where there is purpose and relevance for the learner.
  • is co-constructed in an environment of intellectual rigour.
  • is enabled by critical and skilled self-reflection.
  • happens when we give and respond to critical feedback.
  • can be unsettling, messy and fun.
  • occurs in a futures’ oriented environment that stimulates wonder and awe.
  • occurs when there is rigorous and relevant assessment processes.
  • occurs in the context of a sustainable global world.
  • occurs when questioning challenges current beliefs, knowledge and understandings.


  • are engaged in authentic and meaningful learning experiences.
  • can express what they know, understand and do, in diverse contexts.
  • are immersed in a challenging supportive environment that engages them as a community of thinkers.

Our values

  • Respect – Value yourself and others.  Respect differences.
  • Integrity – Be the best person you can be.
  • Trust – Believe positively in others and they will believe in you.
  • Caring – Care for yourself, others and the environment.
  • Honesty – Be open and honest in all that you say and do.
  • Responsibility – Be responsible for your actions.

“The learning experience at East Para Primary School is fantastic. There’s full support from the teachers, who encourage and challenge my children to always do their best. There are so many opportunities for our children to shine.”

Donna Evans

Parent of East Para Primary School Student