Governing Council

The Governing Council is elected in February each year at the Annual General Meeting where parents are asked to nominate for a two year term.  Council meets twice each term with meetings usually between 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours.  To aid Governing Council in its role we establish Sub-Committees, Portfolios and Facilitators all of who report to the Council.

Sub Committees

Current Sub-committees include:

  • Finance
  • Canteen
  • Out of School Hours Care

If you don’t want to become a Councilor, perhaps one of the above areas would suit you.


As the need arises we form Portfolio Groups who come together to work on a special project/policy.  These groups are usually for a short term only.


A facilitator is a person who takes on responsibility for a specific program/project.

For more information regarding Governing Council or it’s Sub-Committees, Portfolios and/Facilitators please contact our Principal on 8264 3944.

Governing Council

Governance in Schools and Pre-Schools is the responsibility of the Governing Council whose role is directed by the constitution and code of practice.  In this model of governance;

  • The cooperative role of governing council and school staff is emphasized.
  • Management and governance are clearly separated.
  • The focus is on improving student learning outsomes.
  • The broad directions are set and monitored by the governing council.
  • The site leader and staff are responsible for reporting.
  • Joint areas of accountability are minimized.

Governing Councils:

  • Set Broad Directions (in conjunction with the site leader)
  • Develop Broad Directional Policy
  • Initiate and Improve Recommendations and Strategies
  • Site Improvement Plan Consultation
  • The allocation of resources
  • Monitor and Report Progress