Term Dates

School times

8:30am - Siren indicating when students enter the yard and teacher supervision is provided on the asphalt area.

8:50am - Siren to indicate students are to move to rooms.

8:55am to 10:45am - Lesson Time

10.45am to 11:05am - Recess

11:05am to 12:45pm - Lesson Time

12:45pm to 12:55pm - Lunch Eating

12:55pm to 1:35pm - Lunch Play

1:35pm to 3:15pm - Lessons

3:15pm - Dismissal

Dismissal Time on the last day of each Term is 2:15pm -

Term Dates for 2024

Term 1                                                        Term 2                                               Term 3                                                          Term 4

29th January to 12th April            29th April to 5th July               22nd July to 27th September         14th October to 13th December