East Para Primary School

Staff Contacts

Name Position Email Address
Ros Frost Principal ros.frost896@schools.sa.edu.au
Aaron McPherson Senior Leader / Student Wellbeing aaron.mcpherson455@schools.sa.edu.au
Emily Huzzell Senior Leader/Innovative Pedagogies emily.huzzell683@schools.sa.edu.au
Cheryl Jackson Outcomes for All / Library Manager cheryl.jackson722@schools.sa.edu.au
Diana Custance Outcomes for All - data dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au
Administration   dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au
Admin & Support
Teresa Norsworthy Finance Manager teresa.norsworthy323@schools.sa.edu.au
Sue Legierski Administration sue.legierski662@schools.sa.edu.au
Linda Vick Administration linda.vick514@schools.sa.edu.au
Carol O'Connor Support / Resource Centre carol.oconnor146@schools.sa.edu.au
Sharon Gibb Resource Centre / Finance sharon.gibb48@schools.sa.edu.au
Jodie Mickel Support SSO dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au
Ryan Langhan ICT Technician itc@epps.org.au
Christian Pastoral Worker
Ieshia Gee CPW dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au
Aboriginal Community Education Officer
Amy Bonney ACEO dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au
Janine Macdonald Canteen dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au
Out of School Hours Care
Joel Cooke /
Heather Sturdy
OSHC Director
Acting OSHC Driector
Keith Sharplin Groundsperson dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au

Staff at East Para Primary are available for contact via the school email address below or by arranging a time with them after school.     Teachers  dl.1134.admin@schools.sa.edu.au

Karen Sneddon The Arts Teacher                                  
Eunkyoung Kim     Japanese Teacher    
Peter Waller Physical Education / Health
Gaynor Furnell Reception
Carolyn Buzza Reception / Year 1
Claire Brown Reception / Year 1
Jenny Scaffidi Year 1 / Year 2
Cathy Moore Year 1 / Year 2
Fiona Foster Year 2
Melissa Cresswell Year 2 / Year 3
Rachel Askins Year 3 / Year 4
Nick Hadjinicolaou Year 3 / Year 4
Elissa D'Allocco Year 4
Ali Collins Year 5
Katherine Packer Year 5
Rosalie  Erkelenz Year 5 / Year 6
Miro Davis Year 6 / Year 7
Maddy Gebert Year 6 / Year 7
Em Huzzell Year 6 / Year 7
Melissa Huddleston Room 20 and Room 33