East Para Primary School

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Photo of Christian Pastoral Support Worker

Hi,  I have had the privilege of working as the Pastoral Care Worker at East Para for over 7 years.

I have a genuine care and compassion for all people, no matter what their beliefs, background or situation. It is my desire to come alongside the school community and provide pastoral care, advocacy, helpful resources and referrals where needed.

There are six dimensions to my role…

Role Modelling & Mentoring by being a role model in the community and assisting students to develop supportive relationships with other students and adults.

Social & Emotional Support by providing a pastoral presence to nurture student and staff emotional wellbeing and assisting students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills that support learning, positive behaviour and constructive social relationships.

Spiritual Support by providing an enhanced dimension to the school’s care, guidance and support of students and staff spiritual wellbeing that respects diversity and facilitates their quest for meaning, purpose and hope.

School Engagement by providing social, emotional or spiritual support, especially for those at risk of disengaging, This can be done through personal support and/or group activities i.e. social skills and grief & loss programs.

Community Engagement by developing links between the school and its community, working with school based staff, community-based youth organisations, churches, agencies, services, and other networks.

Extra- Curricular Contribution by participating in and contributing to general school activities, i.e. camps, excursions, sports day, choirs and performance etc.

For ongoing Pastoral Care, a signed parental consent form is required.

My working days at East Para

     Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am – 4.00pm  

     Friday 1.30pm – 3.30pm

I love my job as I am passionate about the health and well-being of all, especially children.  I feel privileged to work with our young people and hope to be a positive influence in their lives.

Please drop by and say hello sometime, and/or you may want to take one of the many brochures available that cover a wide range of topics that may be relevant to you and your family. 

You can contact me by phoning the school, emailing me at tracey.cooper995@schools.sa.edu.au or leave a message in my mailbox which is located on my office door opposite Room 2.

I look forward to meeting you.

 Tracey Cooper    J                                                            click here for Student Consent form

“You are always welcome”