East Para Primary School

Indonesian - taught at the school from 1996 - 2006

"Languages" under SACSA (South Australian Curriculum , Standards & Accountability Framework) is the learning area where students are helped to have the knowledge and skills to communicate, to understand language and to understand culture.

Students were taught the language, with the above in mind, through play, experimentation and interaction with their peers.

Students from Years R to 7 at East Para studied Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian Language under "Languages" in the SACSA Framework.

Besides the usual class teaching, the use of stories, games, songs, videos and CD Roms made the learning of the language easier and fun.

The students at all levels were also made aware of the way of life and culture of the people of Indonesia. This was made possible through the teaching and the involvement of students in the study of Indonesian songs, dances, batik-making, wayang kulit, masks of Indonesia, kite-making and also some cooking of Asian dishes. With the study of the RUPIAH, the Indonesian currency, students put up a mock marketing scene. Since 1997, our school commemorates Indonesia's Independence Day (17-8-45) with a special assembly each year.


The republic of Indonesia, which consists of over 13,000 islands, has a very diverse culture and has more than 300 ethnic groups who speak over 200 languages. Australia has close economic and political ties with Indonesia and by the students learning Indonesian they will gain a great understanding of our global community.

HARI PASAR INDONESIA 6 JULI, 2005 (6th July, 2005)
(Indonesian Market Day)


Comments from students & classes

"We enjoyed the day because it was fun with plenty of food, music, things to buy and many people moving around."
"Through the Indonesian Market Day, we learnt about bargaining, how to spend money properly, how to buy things, how to deal with customers."