East Para Primary School

School Counsellor



Hi, I'm Aaron McPherson.  I have been appointed to East Para this year, 2016, in the role of Assistant Principal  / School Counsellor


 If you have an issue or concern I can be contacted at the school on 82643944 or see our friendly office staff to make an appointment.


My role as a School Counsellor is to assist in the creation of a school climate orientated towards success, with the goal being, improved educational outcomes for all. I work closely with students, staff, parents and the wider community in a range of areas.

Student Leadership

At East Para I am responsible for a number of Student Leadership Initiatives. These include School Captains, Student Representative Council (SRC) and Values and Peer Support (VAPS)

School Captains

These are student elected Year 7 students who represent each of the 4 School House Teams. East Para Primary School expects its captains to model the RITCHR Values as well as behaving in a courteous manner, engaging in safe play, completing work to the best of their ability, modelling the Dress Code policy including always wearing full school uniform and participating in school events.

These students undertake the following roles


Each class has an elected representative and proxy that attend a fortnightly meeting.

At the meetings students:

Year 5 to 7 students can also apply to be members of the Senior Executive Council


This is a group of year 4/5/6/7 students who are trained to support students in the yard during break times. We also have VAPS leaders who set up the term timetable and check that the rostered students attend their duty. These leaders provide support to the younger or new VAPS students in developing their skills as a VAPS member.


Some of the VAPS members’ responsibilities are