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PEDAL PRIX                                                                               
2016 Awards                                                                           2016 Murray Bridge 
2017 INFORMATION                                                          

2017 Dates:  Sunday 31st July Victoria Park  :   Saturday 24 Sunday 25th September Murray Bridge

History :  2009 saw our first entry in Pedal Prix
On Sunday 24th May a number of families attended the Pedal Prix at Victoria Park to learn more about the event. 
Our first event as a team was Sunday 26th July at Victoria Park.
We had 13 riders and we began physical training on Thursday 28th May 2009.
While 13 riders is enough for the event at Victoria Park, we needed to increase our number to 20 before the 2 day event at Murray Bridge in September. 

Our student riders are involved in
    J preparing the vehicle for race day
    J learning how to make repairs ie. punctures
    J redesigning 'stand alone bikes' for training
    J dismantling old bikes for spare parts

We thank Keith Sharplin, our grounds person, who is leading the program plus having a 'hands on' role in all other aspects.

The costs in involving our students in this event are many and varied and include:
    J cost of the vehicle
spare parts
entry into the events
food and drinks
hire of equipment on event days
etc. etc.

To this end we are seeking sponsorship in either money, vouchers or loaned items.  Vouchers which could be used to reduce the costs of tools, spare parts and food would be the most useful.

Companies and individuals who donate money will be acknowledged:
    J on the pedal prix car
through the newsletter
hopefully in the press

The Pedal Prix is also featured on television news.  Companies that make a significant donation may want to have the car at their worksites as a promotion following our September event. 

If we are able to secure a major sponsor we would be able to use their company colours for the car and prominently feature their name on it.

We thank Francis Bedford, MP for Florey, for the first donation of $100.00 to our project.  If you are willing to sponsor our project or know of companies who will, please contact our principal, Ros Frost on 8264 3944.
 For the event in September at Murray Bridge, we  need items such as:
    J portable toilet
gas heaters with bottles
large generator
fluro lights
If you are able to help us, please let us know.

Currently we are looking for carpet to cover an area of 3m wide up to 12m long.  However, if you have access to carpet 3m wide in minimum lengths of 3m it would be useful.  We also need a piece of bright coloured carpet approximately 1.5m x 1.5m.  If you can help, please contact Sue Legierski or Ros Frost at the school on 8264 3944.  We will either arrange for it to be collected or  you can drop it off it that is convenient.

We are currently building better vehicles to compete in the years to come.


Entrance is $10-00.

If you have never been to the event at Murray Bridge it is simply amazing and well worth the effort.  There are thousands of tents, caravans, camper trailers and many schools hire moored house boats.  There are all varieties of food and drink stalls and shower blocks for the teams. 

We will publish our ‘Pit Number’ each year in the newsletter so if you decide to take a look you can find us.

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