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YEAR 7 GRADUATION                                        See school app for updates on 2016

Year 7's at their Graduation evening receive a Portfolio containing;

A resume of the students extra curricula activities:

Graduation program Menu
Autograph Class / School Traffic Monitors

They also receive a Graduation Certificate at one of three levels.

Graduation with Outstanding Achievement
Graduation with High Achievement

Listed below are the criteria for each certificate.

Students who receive this certificate have ownership of their learning and CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATE this through the following characteristics / skills.

▪  Regular PARTICIPATION in class and school based activities

▪  PUNCTUAL to school and lessons

▪  Accepts responsibility for their own BEHAVIOUR

▪  Plans and organises for their and others' learning (ORGANISATION)

▪  Accepts / initiates new PERSONAL CHALLENGES
▪  Works COLLABORATIVELY with all students and teachers
▪  INDEPENDENT LEARNING SKILLS (works without direction)
▪  LISTENS TO AND VALUES the opinion of others
▪  TAKES RESPONSIBLE RISKS with their learning
▪  CONTRIBUTES in all learning situations
▪  COMMITMENT to and completion of HOMEWORK
▪  Demonstrates QUALITY in their work
▪  Demonstrates a RESPECT for and maintenance of personal and school PROPERTY
▪  Commitment to SAFE WORK PRACTICES

Students who receive this certificate have on MOST OCCASIONS strived to achieve the characteristics / skills as listed for the Outstanding Achievement Certificate.

Students who receive this certificate have been enrolled in Year 7.  These students will have exhibited some of the following characteristics.

▪  Irregular participation patterns

▪  Punctual to school and lessons with support

 ▪  Requires support to manage their own behaviour
▪  Requires assistance to plan and organise for their learning (Organisation)
▪  Only participates in set tasks (personal challenges)

▪  Requires conferencing / direction to:

Work collaboratively with peers and teachers

Meet Time-lines

Further develop independent learning skills

Listen to and value the opinions of others

▪  Takes few risks and works within their comfort zone
▪  Demonstrates a reluctance to contribute to learning situations
▪  Irregular homework patterns (commitment)
▪  Work of varying quality
▪  Lacks care for personal and school property (Respect Property)
▪  Reluctance to commit to safe work practices


▪  The criteria are related to both classroom and school involvement.

▪  Both students and teachers will maintain an evaluation of the achievements against 

    the criteria - this will occur once per term. Parents are asked to sign each evaluation  

    as an acknowledgement.

▪  These evaluations will be recorded on a proforma, which will be included in a Student


▪  The evaluations will be against Key words from each area of the criteria and will be      
    recorded as follows

O - Outstanding Achievement         H - High Achievement     G - Graduation

▪  To receive a Graduation Certificate - Outstanding Achievement students will be
    required to perform, consistently at a high level and or show dramatic improvement
    throughout the year.
▪  To receive a Graduation Certificate - High Achievement  students will be required to
    perform at a high level most of the time and or show continued improvement
    throughout the year.

▪  We believe the system will:

Reward students who apply themselves to the learning situation

Enable students to set goals, initiate and implement programs to achieve these goals and be evaluated by the teacher and themselves

Enable parents to monitor progress.

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